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Kayak Ancestral Spirit

Kayak Ancestral Spirit

Kayak Ancestral Spirit .Did you know that kayak is a Inuit word?

The Inuits are an Artic nation known by the Canadian indigenous people as “Eskimo”.

The kayak was developed and perfected by the Inuit people during thousands of years. They used it for hunting and to move in the icy Arctic waters. In the late XIXth century the kayak was introduced to the rest of the world with some modifications.

In Greenland the Inuit people have developed survival and navigation techniques that have enabled them to live in the world’s hardest conditions. The Inuits lived in Greenland for thousands of years whereas other cultures like the vikings that were supposed to be more developed with their metal technology only were able to live there for some hundreds of years.
As a result of our passion and respect for this ancestral people we want to offer the possibility of getting to know first hand the Inuit world, their original kayaking technique, their wisdom and their rich culture.

  • We suggest three great experiences:
  • A one day kayaking trip using a traditional wooden paddle
  • A kayaking expedition in Greenland, the Inuit land.
  • Traditional Greenland paddle construction workshop