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Advanced kayaking course in Costa Brava

Advanced kayaking course

Advanced kayaking course . The course participants will go deeper in their abilities with the kayak in order to get the maximum manoeuvrability to enjoy the great possibilities a sea kayak can offer.

The course goals are:

  • Perfection an effective forward stroke.
  • Be able to do advanced turning manoeuvers combining different techniques: supports, dynamic sidewise movements, fron or back rudder etc.
  • Being able to fix navigation routes using topographic maps and nautical charts.
  • Be able to assist a buddy in the water and rescue him with different techniques and conditions.
  • Embark and land fro rocks.

Curso kayak avanzado

Curso kayak avanzado


Groups from 2 to 4 persons. Duration: one day (3+3 hours) Price per person: 65€

Kayak and complete equipment rental: 25€